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Vivid Skin, Hair and Laser Center Story

The needs of our patients are always our top priority. That’s why we ensure all our services are carried out in a clean and relaxing environment so you can leave looking and feeling your best. Vivid Skin, Hair and Laser Center was possible because of Maegan Booth’s passion for beauty & aesthetics, combined with her husband Shaun’s business background. We hope our patients will enjoy our luxurious spa facility, highly trained & friendly staff, and the most advanced aesthetic treatments in the valley.



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Treat yourself to the very best when you visit Vivid Skin Hair & Laser Med Spa in Arizona! Our highly trained staff is here to help you learn more about our versatile laser services, spa treatments, and skincare options. We are a luxury aesthetic spa with top-of-the-line laser equipment and skillful, practiced professionals who consistently work to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. Whether you are interested in laser hair removal, eyelash extensions, facials, we want your beauty experience to leave you glowing truly!

Are You Looking For A Skin Care Clinic In Chandler?

Get Personalized Skin Care Services

At Vivid Skin, Hair and Laser Center, we offer professionals who shall help you tackle all your skin concerns. Get a custom formula for your skin type. Many clients have normal or oily skin; some might have had dry skin issues. We follow a custom process that fits your unique skin type. You can walk into our Vivid Skin, Hair and Laser Center Clinic in Chandler. We’ve helped many rejuvenate rough skin, skin aging, redness, dark spots, and wrinkles. We also extend our expertise to clients suffering from Hyperpigmentation.

Skin Nourishing Ingredients To Tackle All Your Skin Related Issues.

You can get our skin care therapies at our clinic in Chandler. Our experts offer premium skincare products that are non-invasive, safe, and enriching. We only use clinically proven ingredients and skin-activating ingredients. Our formulas and techniques combine to provide skin detoxifying and nourishing benefits. At Vivid Skin, Hair and Laser Center, you’ll get a complete skin care treatment. You can visit our clinic in Chandler, Arizona. Our staff will help you with all the necessary details.

Vivid Skin, Hair and Laser Center in Chandler For Premium Skin Care Treatment.

Our medical spa provides a relaxing space that eases your mind. At Vivid Skin, Hair and Laser Center, we deliver an ambiance to our clients that re-energizes them and promotes healthy skin. A regular clinic cannot offer you the exact custom wellness plan that a med spa can offer.

Struggling To Find A Facial Spa In Chandler, Arizona?

Our med spa, Vivid Skin, Hair and Laser Center, is located in Chandler. You can visit the location that is feasible for you. Our state-of-the-art facials can reduce fine lines, aging signs, dark circles, wrinkles, etc., from your face. You will experience skin therapies that activate your skin cells and accelerate the process of natural regeneration. Receive deep face cleansing and other varieties of face care that can reactivate your skin cells. 

We Provide Tattoo Removals In Chandler

We provide tattoo removals in Chandler, Arizona. Our laser technology is 100% safe and aligned with the latest industry methods. Get a top-tier tattoo removal procedure that is painless and non-invasive. Today, we have more than 100+ clients who have experienced a skin-friendly process. We are here to help you! Don’t wait; take up our consultation now! 

Get Hair Removal In Chandler

Our laser tools are free from scratching, scarring, or any harm to your skin texture. Our med spa for hair removal in Chandler provides laser treatment for hair growth and hair patches. We use non-invasive technology that has been approved for medical spa purposes.

Injectables In Chandler

Low-grade fillers or dermal injectables can be harmful to your skin in the long run. You must only choose injectables that are FDA-approved. We offer FDA-approved injectables at our med spa in Chandler, Arizona. Choose from a diverse range of dermal fillers best for your skin type and face. All our dermal fillers and injectables are licensed and 100% safe.

Laser Hair Removal

This industry standard laser uses an 805nm diode laser to target and heat effectively.Book Now »

Skin Resurfacing

Lumenis is considered the gold standard in laser treatments, and its ResurFX Laser is no different.Book Now »


PiQo4 treats a wide range of pigment colors, and its versatile energy matrix ensures.Book Now »