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Find true professionals while discovering the latest trends in hair and beauty when you visit the Hair Lounge at Vivid Med Spa of Phoenix, Arizona! Our certified beauty specialists work with you to find the perfect cut, color, or combination to ensure looking your best when stepping out our front doors!
Our full-service knowledgeable staff executes the latest hair trends and techniques. Their passion for helping guests look and feel their best makes us stand out in the salon industry. We provide shampoos, haircuts, hairstyles, color, and more. One of our highly trained experts will listen to your wishes and work with you to give you a look you envisioned. At Vivid Med Spa of Arizona, our goal is to help build your confidence by making you look and feel beautiful!

Hair Color That Suits You The Best!

Root Smudge

A root smudge is a method that is used to rectify lines of demarcation. The process of root smudging includes the application of a color formula that is close to the client’s hair root colors. The color formula is smudged into the shaft of the hair so that it can blur those lines. 

Root smudging is a soft transition between the root and the hair that has lost some color. During the process, a foiling technique is used to blur lines so that the hair expert can create a seamless blend. We have some excellent root smudging tips if you have never tried something like this! 

For instance, you can try a translucent color line. It shall fade gracefully, that’ll make your next appointment relatively easy. However, root smudging is a technical process that demands a master of hair color who knows the best root smudging formulas. At Vivid Med Spa of Arizona, we offer premium root smudging. You can visit our med spas located in Gilbert and Chandler.

Color Retouch

Color retouch is quite different from ordinary hair color dye. It usually focuses on the roots and is specially meant for hair you often leave while dyeing them. The complete process takes not more than two hours to apply.

If you want to know more about color retouching, you can visit our hair color experts at Vivid Skin, Hair and Laser Centers, located in Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona. Color retouch will cover those parts of your hair where you can notice some roots growing back. It would be best to visit our salon because we have complete touch-up kits, spray solutions, and powder to help you out.

All Over Color

Hair color is something that is way too personal for an individual. However, adding a hint of subtle color to your hair can help you carry beautiful hues that reflect light differently. It can make your hair look more exciting and vibrant. Hair coloring is also effective if you have curly hair. People who use too much conditioner or have very thick hair can choose hair coloring as a way to smoothen their hair.

Color Correction

Hair color correction is exactly what it sounds like! Hair color correction is often adopted by individuals who experience a poor color job. Such color disasters can happen to anyone, and there are different reasons for them. Therefore, it is best to utilize color correction in this situation. Color correction is a quick fix to your hair color disaster that includes toning out the unwanted brassiness. 

We dye out your hair to achieve the desired result in this process. Our experts at Vivid Skin, Hair and Laser Center offer hair correction at two locations, Gilbert and Chandler. If your hair color or dyeing has gone wrong, then you must turn to a damage control mode! Visit us as our experts can fix the splotchy mess for you. Don’t worry about the time; we provide quick hair color correction to our clients. 

Let’s Not Wait For The Perfect Look: Get a Haircut.

Are you planning to transform your look? Get a modern and stylish cut at our medical spas at Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona. You can try out a bold, edgy haircut or give it a new twist by coloring them.

We have licensed stylists who have been in the salon business for more than a decade. We use the latest techniques and follow the top trends to make you look fabulous. Our services are available at competitive prices for:

  • For him
  • For her
  • For your kid

What’s Trending?

There are some hairstyles that we will see ruling 2022? We shall see similar trends in the years to come. Let’s see which one suits you the best? List of trendy hairstyles:

  • Beach Waves
  • Braids Hairstyle
  • Hair Accessories
  • Modern Shag Hairstyle
  • Beach Waves
  • Pixie Hairstyle
  • ’70s Bangs
  • Mullet Hairstyle

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We offer holistic services to our clients; our team has a knack for the latest hair trends and techniques. We offer a wide range of haircuts, colors, hairstyles, beauty care, and more.

Let’s build your confidence once again, let’s make you feel more beautiful! Vivid Skin, Hair and Laser Centers are located in Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona. You can walk into any one of our stores from these locations. We are waiting to host you!


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