Whether your ailment is fine lines, wrinkles, age-related volume loss, or a double chin, we have several injectable treatments to help resolve your skin issues. Our aestheticians are trained to give you ideal results to start looking and feeling your best.


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Face Fillers: Are they worth it?

1. Immediate and Visible Results. 

Many people start using an anti-aging cream during their late 20s. It’s good to start early on fighting skin aging before you see the visible effects after some years. If you generally use anti-aging creams, you might be aware that you need to use such cosmetics daily. However, they offer minimal impact after a long period.

On the flip side, dermal face fillers can provide you with quick and instant solutions that help you get your desired results in a short time. Anti-aging creams can take years to show their effect; however, you can get optimum results with dermal face fillers within a week

Our experts at Vivid Mad Spas in Chandler, Arizona provide you with immediate results using subtle injectables.

2. No Recovery or Downtime.

One of the most significant reasons our clients choose dermal fillers is zero downtime after treatment. Other anti-aging therapies don’t offer such convenience. The complete process is relatively quicker than any other face filler treatment. Once you receive a face filler, you can head back to your daily routine. There is zero disruption plus the injectables used during the procedure are rigorously tested and are proven to be 100% safe. 

Unlike other methods, face fillers don’t cause post-treatment bruising, pain, or irritation. What should you avoid? Avoid using make-up on your face right after the treatment. The injectables used during the process leave punctures on your skin; hence, you should wait before the needlepoint pores are recovered.

3. Minimal Risk. 

Industry-leading experts perform our face filler treatments here at Vivid Med Spa in Chandler, Arizona. When you visit our med spa, you’ll experience experts who have years of experience with dermal fillers. We also offer injectables In Arizona; therefore, you can visit either of these two locations. Our experts shall ensure that you get the best results! Book an appointment now.

4. Long-lasting Results.

Our face fillers and injectables offer long-term production of collagen and elastin. As we grow older, the natural production of collagen and elastin deminishes. In such cases, dermal fillers will help. Our injectables contain hyaluronic acid, a clinically approved solution that can boost collagen and elastin levels in your skin. These two elements are integral to making your skin look younger and tighter.

5. Uplifts Your Confidence

At Vivid Med Spa of Arizona, we believe that all skin types are beautiful in their own way. However, there are times when a person feels insecure about their skin or body part. For some people, it’s their fine lines and wrinkles; for some people, it’s their lips. Face fillers and injectables can help them boost their self-confidence! Many of our previous clients say that our face fillers have increased their self-esteem, making them more confident as they feel much better.

What Are the Benefits of Using Injectibles?


Botox injections can smoothe out your facial wrinkles. Today, Botox is also used to treat excessive sweating, neck spasms, lazy eyes, etc.


Voluma helps you add volume and plumpness in the cheek area. People who experience a volume loss in the face due to aging or illness can use Voluma. Our cheeks lose volume and elasticity as we age, making them look saggy. With Voluma, you regain that volume.


Juvederm is a treatment where fillers are used to regain facial contours. It can reduce your signs of aging effectively. This injectable dermal filler contains a base of hyaluronic acid that specifically treats lips, face features, and cheeks.


Kybella is an excellent solution to treat treating double chins. It is also used in the lower and upper abdomen areas to treat belly fat.


Sclerotherapy is used in the treatment of varicose and spider veins. The injectables contain a solution that directly goes into the vein; it removes scars and promotes healthier veins.


At Vivid Skin and Laser, our mission is to provide you with the most advanced aesthetic and laser techniques to help you achieve beautiful and healthy skin.